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The Pounamu Prophecy - birth of a book Two women, two cultures and an ancient Maori prophecy that will change their lives. That's the tag line for The Pounamu Prophecy - my first novel. It has been a slow process, interrupted by moving...


Can I eat mussels if I have high cholesterol?Can I eat mussels if I have high cholesterol? The short answer is yes - you can eat mussels if you have high cholesterol. Mussels are low in kilojoules, cholesterol and fat. The little fat they do have is mostly healthy unsaturated fat with plenty...


Bran MuffinsBran Muffins These bran muffins (adapted from a recipe by Alison Holst) are super filling - a great snack when you are trying to control your weight. Enjoy these muffins with a cup of tea but don't expect to absorb...


Beat the flu with Chicken Noodle Soup It’s Queen’s Birthday holiday today in New Zealand and thank goodness, the sun is shining. I’m sitting in a sunny room writing this post, sheltered from the icy wind blasting up from Antarctica....


My nanna's recipe for homemade Rewena (Maori) bread Rewena Bread Step 1 1 c flour 1 tsp sugar 1 potato Peel and cut potato into small pieces. Place in pot with 1 cup water, lid on, and simmer to mashing consistency. Mash, cool and when luke...


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Gluten free Italian almond biscuits

Posted on : 15-07-2015 | By : Cindy | In : My idiot-proof recipes



Amaretti are my favourite biscuit, not only because they taste delicious but also because they are so easy to make and pretty healthy – as far as biscuits go.

It’s not the gluten free bit that makes them healthy, although it does come in handy with the current popularity of eating ‘gluten free’. No, what makes them healthy is the fibre and unsaturated fats from the almonds – essential for beautiful skin, hair and nails, girls!

In this recipe I have reduced the sugar by almost half. Most amaretti recipes use equal proportions of ground almonds and sugar but they taste just as good with less.

With this recipe your hands are your utensils – no mixing spoons. It’s a little like re-living that wonderful childhood pastime of squishing mud between your fingers. Just make sure you don’t have to answer your phone! Pop them into the oven for five minutes and you have the perfect treat for the lunchbox or with a strong Italian coffee.

400g pack ground almonds

2 small cups of sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence

Dash almond essence

4 egg whites (I make custard with the leftover egg yolks)

Icing sugar

Mix almonds and sugar in a large bowl with your hands. Add essences, then egg whites. Mix with hands. (It feels all squidgy like a kid playing in mud!)

Sprinkle icing sugar on bench. Roll a portion of almond mix into a sausage shape. Coat in icing sugar. Cut into 2cm pieces.

Place baking paper on flat trays. Stand each biscuit upright on tray and press down with fingers to make a nice, uneven shape.

Bake at 170-180 5-6 minutes until just beginning to crack

Let them eat dirt – 4 reasons for the rise of gluten free & what you can do about it!

Posted on : 02-11-2009 | By : Cindy | In : Bowel, Coeliac Disease, Interviews, Research


wheatWhy is there such an epidemic of people wanting gluten free foods? It’s a question that’s bugged me for a while and I wanted well researched, science based answers from an expert in digestive system disorders. Clarice Hebblethwaite of Digestive Health Services in Christchurch, New Zealand is just such an expert so I was thrilled to be able to chat with her last week and get her four key reasons for society’s escalating digestive problems.

My scoops 24.9.09

Posted on : 24-09-2009 | By : Cindy | In : Scoops, Special diets, Super-healthy...er...stuff


Dug these stories up while surfing around the web…

Supermarket ad trials: your shopping trolley knows what you want — In a move that brings new meaning to the expression “taking the thinking out of shopping”, advertising will be delivered directly to supermarket trolleys based on a shopper’s in-store behaviour and purchasing history.

It could make shopping more entertaining but I prefer to choose my groceries without my trolley telling me what to buy!

The rise and rise of gluten-free — The global market for gluten-free food and drink products has grown exponentially in the past five years with a raft of new products hitting the market. Clear leaders are starting to emerge in what was once a niche.

The gluten free market is growing at almost 30% a year. Pity it’s not my bank account!

Green tea slashes heart disease death risk: Study — Compared to people who drank less than one cup a day, seven or more cups of green tea a day may reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by a whopping 75 per cent, report scientists from Okayama University in the Annals of Epidemiology.

Yet another study to remind us why drinking green tea is so good for us. Or is it that if you drink 7 cups a day you just don’t feel like that burger and fries?

Why gluten free foods are booming — Why do so many foods now declare themselves free of gluten – the protein found in grains like wheat, oats, rye and barley? Because around one million Australians are now eating gluten free foods, says Dr Sue Shepherd, a Melbourne dietitian, specialising in gastrointestinal problems.

Too many people think if a food is gluten free it’s more healthy. This is a sensible story that explains the truth about gluten free.

Prostate cancer – the lifestyle changes that (might) help — Prostate and breast cancer might affect different sexes but they share some similarities. They’re both common cancers, both influenced by hormones and both kill similar numbers of people each year.

OK boys – I know you love a good barbie but if you want to keep your prostate in good shape you’ll skimp on the steak and stack on the salad!

Photopic of homemade hummus

Posted on : 11-07-2009 | By : Cindy | In : My idiot-proof recipes, Snacks


hummus in bowl

Finally got ’round to photo’ing my hummus. For my recipe, click here