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The Pounamu Prophecy - birth of a book Two women, two cultures and an ancient Maori prophecy that will change their lives. That's the tag line for The Pounamu Prophecy - my first novel. It has been a slow process, interrupted by moving...


Can I eat mussels if I have high cholesterol?Can I eat mussels if I have high cholesterol? The short answer is yes - you can eat mussels if you have high cholesterol. Mussels are low in kilojoules, cholesterol and fat. The little fat they do have is mostly healthy unsaturated fat with plenty...


Bran MuffinsBran Muffins These bran muffins (adapted from a recipe by Alison Holst) are super filling - a great snack when you are trying to control your weight. Enjoy these muffins with a cup of tea but don't expect to absorb...


Beat the flu with Chicken Noodle Soup It’s Queen’s Birthday holiday today in New Zealand and thank goodness, the sun is shining. I’m sitting in a sunny room writing this post, sheltered from the icy wind blasting up from Antarctica....


My nanna's recipe for homemade Rewena (Maori) bread Rewena Bread Step 1 1 c flour 1 tsp sugar 1 potato Peel and cut potato into small pieces. Place in pot with 1 cup water, lid on, and simmer to mashing consistency. Mash, cool and when luke...


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Healthy chocolate brownie

Posted on : 16-07-2011 | By : Cindy | In : My idiot-proof recipes, Snacks


Chocolate brownie is popular with adults and kids alike. But it is usually packed full of fat, sugar and calories. Here is a quick, healthier version adapted from the Healthy Food Guide chocolate brownie. This version uses wholemeal flour which gives an extra nutty flavour and texture that goes well with the walnuts. It has no butter which slashes the saturated fat to almost zero while the walnuts provide a few healthy omega 3 fats. Both the walnuts and wholemeal flour add fibre which hopefully prevents a complete pig-out of this yummy treat! The best thing about this recipe is how quick and easy it is to whip up. Give it a go…

On the third day of Christmas: take a goodie basket!

Posted on : 15-12-2009 | By : Cindy | In : Uncategorized


basketOn the third day of Christmas… Going to a pre-Christmas lunch or BBQ? Take a goodie basket.

Boy it’s great being a food writer – especially when you belong to the NZ Guild of Food Writers. We get to go to all these neat foodie places and eat lots of delicious food. Last night I was at the newly opened Nosh food store in Mt Eden for our Christmas party. No chips and dips here!

On the second day of Christmas: make biscotti as gifts!

Posted on : 14-12-2009 | By : Cindy | In : My idiot-proof recipes, Snacks


biscotiOn the second day of Christmas… make biscotti as gifts.

Today I made biscotti, or to be precise, the Provencal version called croquettes. When I hear the word ‘croquettes’ my mind conjures visions of some oblong, crumbed, deep fried nibble so I prefer to call them biscotti. They make a healthy alternative to most cakes and biscuits because the only fat comes from the almonds (and a tiny bit from the egg yolk) – and it’s ‘good’ fat. This recipe, adapted from ‘Patricia Wells At Home in Provence’ uses honey instead of sugar. I added dried cranberries for a more festive look. It makes about 50-55 biscotti.

Saffron, snails and a surprise shot of rugby

Posted on : 19-10-2009 | By : Cindy | In : Conferences, On my plate, Recommended web places, Spices, Super-healthy...er...stuff



I’m on my way to the opening cocktail evening for the Food Writers Conference in Napier. The hotel lift opens at my floor and I stop, speechless, as Richie McCaw [current All Black captain] and a couple of his Canterbury Crusaders teammates smile nonchalantly out. No room for me – these boys are big! What am I doing wobbling off to eat and drink tonight? I should be in the gym chiselling my body like these amazing specimens. The momentary motivation passes as we enter the whitewashed historic Hawkes Bay Club, just a stone’s throw from our hotel.

“I’ve just walked into Brad Thorn’s stomach!” my friend Jenny from Beef and Lamb New Zealand says as we munch on large green Orcona jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and sprinkled with smoked paprika. “Those boys are big!”